Rules of the game

You enter bets for the results of all matches from the opening match to the final. The goal is to win as many points as possible and become the overall winner - and this is what you have to do:

Place your bet

You can enter a bet up to the time when the game kicks off. The kick-off times are shown on the 'Bet' page. After that, the betting closes and no further bets are accepted even if the start of the match is delayed. Your bet is only valid if you have selected a result for each of the two teams.
You must predict the match result including all goals from extra time and penalty shoot-out.


A matchday includes several games, regardless of the calendar day. You can find out which games belong to a matchday on the betting page. Typically, each team plays exactly once per matchday. At a World Cup or European Championship, the finals (round of 16, quarter-finals, ...) are considered matchdays.

Awarding points

Points will be awarded to you in the rankings list for each correct result or correct tendency that you bet on:

Correct tendency
Exact goal difference
Exact result
Joker points
1 Point 2 Points
Applies also to a draw
3 Points Double points

Examples Points allocation individual ranking

Match result Bet My points Explanation
2:1 2:1 3 Perfect result: full points!
2:2 2:2 3 Perfect result: full points!
2:1 3:2 2 Correct goal difference
2:1 2:0 1 Correct tendency
2:1 1:2 0 Wrong tendency: no points
0:0 1:1 2 Correct goal difference
2:1 2:1+Joker 6 Perfect result and joker used: full points x 2

The points for each participant will be displayed in a rankings list sorted according to the points won.


The joker doubles your points for a match. The group phase is sub-divided into three matchdays. You can use one joker for exactly one game on each matchday. You can also use a joker on one game each in the last sixteen, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. This gives you a total of seven games where you can use your joker to double your points (3 x in the group phase, 1 x in the last sixteen, 1 x in the quarter-finals, 1 x in the semi-finals and 1 x in the final).

Betting community

Each player can create betting communities or join one. There are open (no password) and locked (with password) communities. You will get a better overview if you only display the other members of your team in the betting summary and the rankings. The participation in a betting community has no effect on the scoring.

Calculating the rankings

Do you and your colleagues or friends want to play a betting game? You can set up a betting community for this. You will also be playing against other betting communities. A ranking table for the betting communities shows the current rankings. All the points from all the players are always added up and then divided by the number of bets. However, at least 3 players must enter their bets. If less than 3 players enter their bets, then zero-point bets will be entered for the missing bets. This will lower the average. The betting community rankings will be sorted according to the sum of the points won so far.

Examples Points allocation betting community

Players of the betting community Matchday points Number of bets
Player 1 15 9
Player 2 7 3
Player 3 11 9
Player 4 3 4
Player 5 18 9
Overall 54 34

The overall points of the players in a betting community (BC) are added together. In this example, the result would be 54 points, which are divided by the number of bets. This yields 1.59 points with which the BC is entered into the rankings on this matchday.

The respective score is displayed for each participant in rankings that are sorted by the number of points.


EM 2024 betting game

When the European Football Championship 2024 starts with the opening game between Germany and Scotland on June 14, 2024, things will get exciting again here: The big European Championship 2024 betting game starts and the tipsters score their first points! Football fans will meet here in the summer of 2024, give their tips and compete with friends, colleagues and other tipsters.

The so-called “football experts” in particular often experience surprises in betting games for the European Championships and World Cups and find themselves in the bottom of the table, while tipsters who are less football-savvy are at the top. The Euro 2024 prediction game is not just about football knowledge, but about watching the group phase closely. Because: EM teams often perform differently in the tournament than in the qualifications and test matches.

We will briefly and concisely explain to you how you can take part in our Euro 2024 betting game and give you our rules of the game.

How can I take part in the Euro 2024 betting game?

There are numerous different providers of EM betting games. webtippspiel is a public betting game that you can take part in for free. Registration with your own user name and password is necessary. In addition, your email address is also mandatory.

This is how tip submission and points distribution work in the European Championship betting game

You predict all the results of the European Championship games from the opening game to the final. The goal is to collect as many points as possible and thus become the overall winner — and it goes like this:

Tip submission

You can bet until the respective game kicks off. The official kick-off time as stated on the “Bet” page will be considered the kick-off. Afterwards, the tip acceptance closes automatically and further tips can no longer be entered, even if the start of the game is delayed. Your tip is only valid if a number of goals is selected for both teams.

You have to predict the result of the game including all goals from extra time and the penalty shootout.

Points awarded

  • Correct tendency: 1 point
  • Exact goal difference: 2 points (also applies to draws)
  • Exact result: 3 points
  • Joker: Doubles the respective points per game

Extra tips (bonus questions)

The extra tips can be submitted until June 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. The number of points for the correct answer varies and is listed for each question on the extra tips page. The points are added separately to the overall ranking on the last match day, or a few hours after the European Championship final. Each selected answer can be correct and earn points.

How do I know which team is the favorite in a game?

webtippspiel offers facts about every encounter: Find out the forecast as you bet which team has a better chance of winning. Supported by data from past games and the final results of the last encounters. The betting game calculates a comprehensive forecast for the upcoming games based on the past. Not only the last encounter is taken into account, but also the games played in the past.

This way you can keep up with all the betting trends so that you can make the right prediction and of course find out how your favorite team is doing. In addition to typing, you also have exciting data and forecasts and find out everything about the European Championship and all the teams.


Italy have scored 8 goals in their last 2 games.

Türkiye has only scored 2 goals in the last 3 games.

Chance of winning:
62%: 38%

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